Doing vs. Being: The question of the ego

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Doing vs. Being

Tantra is not asking you to do something, it only awaits the moment that you allow yourself to stop and be. You being you is enough. Tantra is not interested in your acts or your need to change the world. That is your ego. Tantra reminds us that all is well. Stop and return into the vast beauty of this moment. There, the activity ceases and your true action comes forward. This is not something one does to be busy; it is something that flows in the pristine moment.

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Doing nothing is more about action that comes from within, rather than activity that comes from outside.

Much of the stress and misery of life today comes from the place of doing. “I have to do this, because if I don’t…” or “If I don’t do this and that, I won’t achieve…” The act of responsibility and achievement is a social need. The society needs your trained guilt and eager to please nature to keep things moving. There is no need for to look inward and feel, because the navigation has already been set. Who needs to have inner awareness?

This has become very expensive. It’s come at the cost the soul’s true being. Many will defend this price tag. They will make up many reasons why they have to do things. This is still a situation where self-esteem is being held back in favor of guilt, fear and ego. Nothing has to be done to reach the lustrous self, or self-worth. Do nothing and let go, the system will correct its self very easily.

Feel in to it. Does it make you uncomfortable, the energy of not doing anything? We have been guilted into feeling this way. Do voices of resistance to the concept of letting go of doing flood your mind? It’s OK. Just hear them. Once you are ready to face where they came from and how little it serves you, they can be dropped, again, without doing anything. It’s all a self-remembering.

I mean what happens if you really let yourself stop the doing that others need?  Would you still go to work today? Would you stay in the relationship? Would you flow your passion? Would you allow yourself to learn that new thing that makes no sense? Let the mind have its doubt, fight nothing. You might get to a place where there is so much emptiness, that you will feel like you have to do something, where you can’t not do something. Just feel it all and be in the witness. No activity is needed. Many will stop, breaking under the weight of the “have to”. The addiction runs deep.

There is a you in there. You feel it. It’s ready to bloom. This movement is like the sun rising and falling, like the tree that grows, like the bird that sings the morning song. All without the “have to” but rather  just a natural flow. You are complex and have much movement. This is only about stopping and hearing your song that quietly plays in the background.

Shawn Roop is a Tantra teacher, speaker and author. He is founder of Tantra Quest and based in San Diego, CA. He available to support your unique path with sessions, events and workshops. 


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