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Want to be a Tantra Teacher?

Become a Tantra Teacher: Sharing the Wisdom

By Shawn Roop


Have you wanted to jump in and become a facilitator of Tantric wisdom? What’s holding you back? Is it the cost? Not sure where to take your training? Are you concerned about what others will think? Maybe you are not sure you’re ready? Looking for the right teacher? Alternatively, are you self trained and feeling you are all ready set but know there is more?

These are all valid reasons and concerns. It’s good to understand your limits. I would hope anyone jumping into becoming an advanced Tantrica would look deeply at the where, who and when…look at whether or not now is the right time, and weather an opportunity offers the experiences you are desiring that can take you to the next level. There is an amazing gift you can offer people, and you may be offering the first Tantra experience a person ever has.

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Tantra has been given a bad rap because there have been people offering Tantra sessions yet haven’t created a strong Tantric foundation, learned to support a client on the deeper pathways that Tantra can open,  or don’t offer empowerment as part of the session. This work has such a possibility for transformation and growth. Tantra is sex positive, yet it’s also spiritually positive and life positive. The wisdom is pretty vast.

There are so many places today where you can go and learn different lineages, styles, modalities and teachers to work with. Here are some of the different current Tantra teacher courses offered:

  • Sexual/Body Techniques
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Emotional Processing Skills
  • Communication Tools
  • Spiritual Coaching/ Life Coaching
  • Relationship Guidance
  • Energy Work
  • Tantric Ritual and Practices
  • Yoga/Breath Practices
  • Chanting and Movement
  • Symbols and Hindu Parables
  • Shamanic  Tantra
  • Classical Tantra Approaches
  • Modern Tantra
  • Intuitive Training

This is a limited list, and each course and teacher has their own strength and flavor. The more you are able to focus on your passion and beliefs, and greater success you will have on the road to finding the right training. Be willing to talk in depth with the program leaders or their office and ask questions. Be able to evaluate the cost, time needed to complete the course and philosophy of the Tantra being offered.

tantric counseling

Learn of offer tantric wisdom in sessions

Here are a few things to consider further. How long is the FULL training? (Courses can take a weekend or up four years.)  What is the cost? Is there a handbook? Is it demo based or interactive? (Make sure you are a yes to engage if it’s required.) Is there an after class program? What’s the class size? How many teach the course and are there assistants? (16:1 without assistance is about right.) How many years has the program been around? How many have graduated?  How many hours are in the program? (Sometimes it’s an intensive, other times it’s a more relaxed pace.) Make sure the program fits you. You have a choice. I have seen too many trying them all only to have spent lots of money and time to find out it was not right for them. Be proactive and make sure you get your questions answered.  If a program doesn’t fit, understand there are many more available.

Here is a resource list of some teachers offering such courses:


Source School of Tantra–

International School of Temple Arts-



Ipsalu Tantra–

There are many more. In your own search, be willing to commit to the program. Do the pre-course work and walk into the class full of spirit yet empty in mind. Let that teacher carry you into the grace of Tantra, as they share it. There is no right or wrong, there just is.

There is a huge need and interest for gifts of Tantra. If you are willing to share these gifts, the rewards are ever unfolding on so many levels. If this is your calling, take it with great awareness and an open heart.  Namaste!


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