Addiction and Tantra

Addiction and Tantra


The release of addiction is a wonderful freedom that I see many enjoying on the path of Tantra. Why? It’s simple.  Tantra supports the return of your true nature, rather than second nature or habit. Many replace one “bad” habit with a new “good” habit, but it is still a habit and not our true state. One who finds self love and accepts their natural state of being finds liberation and freedom from the bondage of habit. Tantra has not offered me practices that create more habits, but rather has shown me a way to just be, with skill. There are no mistakes, so I have been shown that there is no need to practice. Again, we are talking about just being.

The major keys are awareness and surrender. These are huge ideas, but can lead to really wonderful and insightful ways of being. We grow to be dependent on our routine, but we have the right and ability to choose the action we take at any time, where nothing we do is about habit. Habits will always, to varying degrees, offer conflict to our natural state.

So be aware of where your habits are. Look inside to see if you are really free or in the box of your auto-programing. Do you agree to the auto- program? Is it yours? Or is it the input of years of others offering you a way of being. Are you aware of what you hold as your own values or concepts around the life you are living?  If you said no, then you have offered yourself the first step toward freedom in your life. It’s right there. The courage to make change in your life is here. If your life is full of old, stale ideas and you are no longer in the know as to why, there’s a good chance that you have become identified with your habits.

Addiction and Tantra are two topics most people don’t use together, but since Tantra is the path of “yes!”, it can be an important concept to address when learning Tantra. There are even some Austin Texas alcohol rehabilitation centers that have started to integrate the philosophy in their therapy. Without awareness and grace, it can become a hard path very fast. Tantra is a powerful system, and with its wisdom comes great responsibility to yourself. It is possible to tread this path with passion, clarity and elegance. This is the way of Tantra.

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  • Speaking as someone who has lived in deep addiction, this article resonated with me. But I would like to have some of these ideas explored further. When people ask me about my “moment” of change or transformation beyond addiction, the two words that keep coming up are two mentioned prominently in this article: “surrender” and “awareness.” To this day, I still don’t really understand what happened to me, though calling it “grace” may come the closest. So naturally, I am always curious when i hear these words in another context. Thank you.

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