7 Keys of Tantra made simple

Tantra can have this fog of mystery around it. On the one hand, it sounds like a super sex cult like system, yet if one looks a bit deeper, Tantra can be a complicated path of ritual, yogic wisdom and religious dedication. In the west, Tantra has become a weaving of many things. Teachers offer […]

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Addiction and Tantra

The release of addiction is a wonderful freedom that I see many enjoying on the path of Tantra. Why? It’s simple.  Tantra supports the return of your true nature, rather than second nature or habit. Many replace one “bad” habit with a new “good” habit, but it is still a habit and not our true […]

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Doing vs. Being

Tantra is not asking you to do something, it only awaits the moment that you allow yourself to stop and be. You being you is enough. Tantra is not interested in your acts or your need to change the world. That is your ego. Tantra reminds us that all is well. Stop and return into […]

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Tantra Sesame Seed Teaching

Sesame Seed Teaching from Tilopa Sesame Vajra Doha “Sesame oil is the essence. Although the ignorant knows that he is in the sesame seed, They do not understand the way of cause and effect, and becoming, therefore, are not able to extract the essence, the sesame oil. Although innate co emergent wisdom abides in the […]

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Tantra has a Secret for You

Tantra. As a word it can evoke images of new age sexuality, or maybe deep Buddhist ritual and lineage. Recently, in the last 25 years, Tantra has been typically sold as a series of tools and exercises that increase relationship, sexual pleasure and orgasm. My hope is to help you expand and awaken to the […]

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What is Tantra?

More about TANTRA   Tantra is a system that comes from India that developed around the 5th century but reached its peak in around 1200. Some point to the 4th Buddha, Saraha, as the enlightened Human who first learned Tantra from an Arrow Smith woman who shared great magic and wisdom of the Teachings of […]

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